mercoledì 10 febbraio 2010

Mediterranean sea marvels - sailing in a dream with Orange Charter!

Spectacular sights
Wonderful sights, warm crystal-clear weather, long lasting sail season: the southern Mediterranean sea is probably the most exciting place to go sailing.

As a professional sailboat charter society our goal is not only to offer a good service: we just strive to let our customers have an unforgettable experience!

The perfect place
Our base is in Trapani (Sicily - Italy), just in front of the EGADI Islands, amongst the most beautyful destinations in the Mediterranean sea.

Full service
We care about every single detail to make you enjoy a perfect sail cruise:
transfer from and to the airport, onboard accomodation, support in choosing routes, assistance during the trip, full technical and logistic assistance.

Low cost flights: from Stocholm on board in less than three hours time!

Orange charter’s base is just 20 minutes driving far from Trapani Birgi airport.
Several low cost direct flights make Orange charter’s customers, leaving for instance from Stockhlom, be on board in less than three hours!

Departures and landings can be arranged according with customers' flights schedule.

The marvellous Western coasts of Sicily offers both
easy and challenging routes.
Use the following links to download jpg files about
a weekend route
a route for a week
a 15 days route

Click here to get Orange Charter's pdf 2010 price list.

Finally, we are pleased to publish the testimonial left by one of our Swedish customer, Mr J. Harlin, who enjoyed his sailing holidays among EGADI islands along with his family.
Click here to get to the post where we published his testimonial, or click here to download the pdf file he sent us.

Any request for further information is most welcome.
Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Orange Charter S.r.l.
Via dei Piloti,2 - 91100 Trapani
Tel: +39 0923 541237
Fax: +39 0923 542600
Cell:+39 349 3999067

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